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KF Tackle and Bridun Lures



For sale are the designs, tooling, jigs, packaging and stock for the following well known angling products:


Including the Line Slida, Tubi Boom, Knotless Paternoster, Spreaders, Maxi Boom etc.


For Bass, Cod, Flatfish, Conger, Pollock, Tope, etc.


Including the Lance, Hunter, Rotobait etc.


For saltwater

KFT Ltd at Tobermory manufactures a large range of saltwater terminal tackle and freshwater and sea lures. The KFT Ltd factory in Tobermory finishes, assembles and packages stock for sale. Components designed by KFT Ltd are manufactured on tools, based at outside supplies, but owned by KFT Ltd.

KF Tackle is an established, award winning, range of terminal tackle primarily for sea angling. These products are recognised as the best available and are regularly featured in the angling press. KF Tackle has an excellent sales history and high export potential. All the plastic moulding tools are based at an injection moulding firm near Glasgow. They could be moved if required. The bending tools are in Tobermory.

Bridun Lures includes the Bridun Lance, considered by many, to be the best designed casting lure available.

We would be prepared to sell KF Tackle and Bridun Lures separately but a prospective purchaser of KF Tackle should consider purchasing the Bags O’ Tackle range as this range uses many of the KF Tackle products and could be expanded to include other salt and fresh water species of fish. All sales include bending and assembly tools, finishing plant and machinery, stoving oven, KFT designs, graphics and intellectual property rights plus the plastic injection moulds and metal forming dies belonging to KFT at our component suppliers. Existing stock is at cost.

Full details available now on request.